Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Tip of the Day

The Tip of the Day:

Find New Ways to Deal With Stress

Many people become used to smoking as a way of dealing with strong feelings and stress. It’s possible to find other ways to handle anger, frustration, sadness, and joy, however. In the days before your quit-date, notice why you smoke, and what feelings you’re having at the time you light up. It's wise to write theses things down. It won't take you long to identify certain patterns in your daily smoking routines. Much of this patterning will be directly tied to mental/emotional stressors. You have a choice about how you cope with your feelings -- smoking a cigarette is a choice you can turn down. Think of other ways to handle feelings. You can walk, talk (on the phone or in person), exercise, sleep, pray, meditate, write in a journal, do a hobby, go to the movies, or any one of hundreds of other possibilities. Try to choose one of these instead of smoking; watch how quickly your focus turns away from your strong emotion and how quickly that feeling can disappear.

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