Monday, April 27, 2009

Why Do I Smoke?

Before you can quit smoking, or any habit, for that matter, you need to figure out why you do it. Over at QuitNet, I took the 2nd of 3 questionnaires that they have in the Expert Support area of the site. The questionnaire is titled "Why do you smoke?"

Here are my results:

Why Do You Smoke?
To understand your smoking habit, you must first learn what kind of smoker you are. There are generally six traits that describe many people's smoking:

  • Stimulation
  • Handling
  • Pleasure
  • Crutch
  • Craving
  • Habit

Your smoking may fit into any one or a combination of these categories. This test will help you identify what type of smoker you are and give you possible strategies for quitting smoking.

You scored high (73%) as a Pleasure/Relaxation smoker. You may use smoking as a reward to sit down and relax. You enjoy a cigarette after a good meal or in social situations, like a party. For you, alternatives to smoking may include taking a walk after eating or finding other activities that give you pleasure. At parties, try to drink non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol tends to reduce your willpower for staying off cigarettes. 76% of QuitNet users are Relaxation smokers.

You scored high (73%) as a Crutch/Tension smoker. You tend to use cigarettes as a crutch in moments of stress or discomfort. You may smoke when you are nervous, worried or angry. All these feeling represent some kind of tension. For you to quit smoking, you need to find a release for that tension. Try deep breathing, relaxation or physical exercises to help reduce your stress. 80% of QuitNet users are Crutch smokers.

You scored high (73%) as a Craving smoker. You often feel a 'hunger' for a cigarette. This is a physiological addiction. You crave the nicotine. Each cigarette you have is a stimulus for the next. Drink plenty of water, it may help to lessen some of the physical withdrawal symptoms. 72% of QuitNet users are Craving smokers.


There are no easy solutions when it comes to quitting smoking. This program merely offers suggestions to help you get started. The rest is up to you! Find out what methods work for you and stick to them. Do it for yourself! Do it for your health!

So, it looks like I have to work on 3 things to overcome my addiction to cigarettes...the cravings, using cigarettes to relax, and using cigarettes as a crutch.


  1. I really struggled to give up smoking, trying patches,gum and just plain old willpower but to no avail. I even tried downloading software from Hypnotic tracks to help me quit smoking and although It helped, I still can't fully kick the habit.

  2. April,
    I know exactly what you are going through. I have tried all of those as well. It is a hard habit to break. But hopefully if we continue to try to kick the habit we will win the battle.