Saturday, April 25, 2009

How Ready Am I?

In my last post, I discussed QuitNet, and their vast array of support available for people who want to quit smoking. Under the Expert Support section at QuitNet there are Quitting Tools, which are 3 questionnaires that you can fill out. I just filled out the first one, which is called "How Ready Are You?"

So how ready am I? Here is my result:

It sounds as if you are making good progress towards quitting and staying quit. Make sure that you work your way through the resources available on the QuitNet, as well as talking to other users about the quitting process!

Where You're At
There are many ways of looking at where people are in the quitting process. The QuitNet uses a model called the "Stages of Change" which breaks people up into very rough groups

  • people thinking about quitting
  • people ready to quit
  • people who are currently quitting
  • people who have quit and are concentrating on staying "smoke-free."

We have placed you in the group of people that are in the process of quitting. The QuitNet can help you by giving you some ideas on the best ways to make it through the withdrawal symptoms and providing customized tips on staying away from cigarettes permanently.

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