Saturday, April 25, 2009

Are you trying to quit smoking? Do you need some extra support? Are you looking for people that have gone through (and are going through) the process of quitting smoking? If so, I recommend you check out QuitNet. The site is full of support, news, facts, and resources. There are so many valuable things at QuitNet, that I won't even attempt to list them all here. But here is a brief list of some things that I find helpful:

  1. The large community of people that are either in the process of trying to quit or have quit and are there to help others quit.
  2. The Quitting Tools, which are 3 questionnaires that will help you assess "How Ready Are You", "What Makes You Smoke", and "How Addicted Are You".
  3. The Resources section which includes a Quitting Guide, and a directory of Smoking Cessation Programs that are in your area.
As I said earlier, that is only a brief list. The support available at is virtually endless. If you are serious about quitting the habit (or even if you are just thinking about it), you should check it out.

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