Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How Do I Plan on Quitting?

I have tried to quit numerous times in the past, all of which have been unsuccessful. There have been 2 times that I can remember that I have tried quitting by using the patch. I tried nicotine gum until I had a pretty bad allergic reaction where my throat started closing up. I have tried going cold turkey, but that did not last too long due to my extreme irritability. I even tried hypnosis, which actually worked for a while. But after all of my attempts at quitting, I eventually found my way back to my dear old friend, the cigarette.

I believe it was Albert Einstein who said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Since all of my previous attempts at quitting have failed, I needed to find another way. It occurred to me that maybe I was going about quitting all wrong. There are 2 parts to smoking...addiction and habit. All of my previous attempts have gone after the addiction and focused on removing my bodies dependence on nicotine. But none of them focused on the habitual part of smoking...the act of putting a cigarette in my mouth and the times of day I would smoke. So this time around I am going to try a 2 tiered approach. I will first focus on reducing the amount of nicotine I put into my body and then I will work on altering the times I reach for a cigarette during the day.

I remembered that years ago that I had found some filters at Walgreens that were supposed to remove a good amount of tar and nicotine from cigarettes. Unfortunately, Walgreens no longer carries those filters. The only stop smoking aids that Walgreens currently carries are the patch, the gum, and lozenges. So I tried the pharmacy at our grocery store and they only had the patch and the gum. So I turned to the Internet to try to track these things down. I finally found them at, along with several other similar products. I purchased the filters (Aquafilters), along with Nic-Out filters and SmokeSmart. In later articles, I will review each of these items and let you know how they work for me.

If you are considering quitting the habit, I recommend that you check out You can either click the link or click the banner in the upper lefthand corner of my blog page. They have a vast array of quit smoking aids, and information to help you quit. And there shipping is pretty quick, too.

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