Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Breaking the Habit

My quit smoking plan has 2 parts. In Part 1, I am working on the addiction to nicotine. This simply involves reducing the amount of nicotine in the cigarettes that I smoke. Part 2 of my quit smoking plan involves working on the habitual part of my smoking. There are times that I find myself lighting up a cigarette, not because I am craving one, but because of habit.

Although I was planning on getting though Part 1 before I start focusing on Part 2, I decided to start Part 2 a little early and start working on the habit. I always have a pack of cigarettes with me. When I am at work, and have to walk across campus, I make sure I have them with me. Here's the problem. When I have to walk to another building across campus, I find myself smoking a cigarette on the way to my destination and another cigarette on my way back to my office. Even if the trip only takes 30 minutes. Kind of stupid, right? So, instead of keeping my cigarettes with me at all times while I am at work, I keep them on my desk. I might have a smoke when I am going from my office to somewhere else, but since I don't have any with me, I can't smoke on the way back. Although it sounds simple, it is another step to becoming smoke free. I will continue to look at other times that I can go somewhere without taking my cigarettes with me.

Little by little, I will eventually be a non-smoker.


  1. oh quit smoking si not that easy, but once you have a self discipline and goal you can do it.looking forward fgor the next news about your smoking.see you arround

  2. Adelfa, I think all smokers agree that quitting is not easy. But like you said, if we have self discipline and a goal, we can quit. Thanks for your comment.